About Dentistry

Academy of International Dentistry, UK is one of the most distinguished institutes in mastering Advance Dentistry. We provide a plethora of courses that strengthen your career path in International Dentistry.

At AID, we understand the professional approach required in the study of International Dentistry and have designed our courses to give hands on practical knowledge of all kinds of courses. Our extensive master level continuing education courses are international in scope and open to the dental community that are curated to help individuals learn the fundamentals of Dentistry, understand the treatment procedures and apply the knowledge gained through our practical and interactive learning. Our empirical approach towards the study gives us an edge over others. We at AID evaluate your expertise and tailor our courses for maximum benefit.



Academy of International Dentistry has a strong clinical focus and is committed to enhancing professional learning among dental practitioners and students. Our mission is to help professionals acquire the necessary skills to become competent and confident to excel in the career.



At AID, we equip our students:

  • To recognize the scientific principles needed for the provision of high standard oral health care.
  • To recognize and follow the rules & regulations that govern the dental profession with high professional attitude and work ethics.
  • To practice evidence based dentistry in the provision of high standard oral health care.
  • To acquire lifelong learning qualities, such as critical thinking, creativity, reading etc.
  • To increase graduat​es' involvement/interest in continuing dental education and research.

Upon completion, the participants will be able:

  • To diagnose and treat common and simple oral/dental diseases.
  • To successfully diagnose and relief dental/pulpal pain and non-dental orofacial pain.
  • To prepare and restore teeth using amalgam and tooth colored restorations.
  • To successfully extirpate the pulp and perform root canal treatment of single rooted teeth.
  • To treat patients indicated for simple removable partial dentures and complete dentures.
  • To prepare teeth for single metal ceramic crowns and 3 unit metal-ceramic bridge.
  • To successfully diagnose patients with periodontal diseases and successfully apply phase I therapy.
  • To identify the need for orthodontic treatment in dental patients and develop a limited skill in orthodontic appliance treatment.
  • To successfully perform non-surgical extractions and intra-oral incisional biopsies.
  • To select the best treatment option based on medical, dental, social consideration of the patient as well as the available resources.
  • To recognize advanced cases that need specialist care and refer to the appropriate specialist.